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My husband and I have traveled extensively, and are always on the lookout for a new tea parlor experience. We have enjoyed visiting many parlors over the years, and now as owners would like to share with you, our customer, what we have learned. Some of you are seasoned in this area, while others may be new and do not know what to expect (or what is expected). We have regular customers on both ends of the spectrum and want you to have the best possible experience.

First, as we travel, we plan ahead. That includes looking for parlors near where we will be visiting. This also means making reservations, just as you would expect to do to ensure seating on airplanes and other transportation needs, hotel accommodations, etc. Yes, it is very important to make reservations to get the most out of your tea parlor experience. There have been times we have called parlors 2 weeks in advance only to find out they are already booked! Our parlor currently has reservations booked 6 months in advance, which is not at all unusual for our type of business. We even have one customer who is also a tea parlor enthusiast who has our telephone number on speed dial so making her reservations is a breeze! We do our very best to accommodate walk-ins, which is highly unusual for a tea parlor, but we aren’t always able to meet this need. As we cater to a local lunch crowd, we are the exception, not the rule. But please remember, we are not a fast food restaurant!

By making reservations, you not only ensure that you will be seated and not turned away, it also helps our chef to know how much food to order and prepare for each party ahead of time. It also helps us facilitate the scheduling of employees to handle the number of reservations for each day. It is always best for us to let the chef know when you will be arriving and how many are in your party. We want you to have the best possible experience and reservations create that environment.

If you are new to the tea parlor experience, we would like you to know that most of our business derives from groups, ranging from couples, to a small group of ladies who want to meet to catch up, birthday parties, retirement parties, bridal showers, wedding rehearsal dinners, baby showers, and graduation parties just to name a few. That makes it difficult to accommodate walk-ins, which makes it very important to place a reservation with us, even if it is just for lunch or small groups. A few hours notice is usually not enough time. Normally, you should book your reservation as early as possible. Most tea parlors require a minimum of a 24 to 48 hour advance reservation. This is a good standard to follow.

It is always wise to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your reservation. Enjoy the boutique or take pictures in the photo area. This also makes it easier to seat larger groups as guests may be arriving separately.

Dress code? Most tea parlors are known for mostly groups of women gathering together for whatever the reason, and usually dress up. Hats are also a customarily fun (but optional) part of the attire, just as they are at The Kentucky Derby. As a matter of fact, we supply hats for you to try on for pictures or even wear during your dining experience. Do you have to dress up? Absolutely not. It is your choice. We are just sharing common tea parlor etiquette.

We hope you find our parlor cozy, quiet, and relaxing. While there is no rush to leave, most guests stay 1-2 hours. But celebrations and scheduled parties are granted 2 hours for free. Additional hours are billed at $50 per hour and you should request it when making your reservation. Also, most tea parlors do not even have a lunch menu. They either serve noon and high tea (2 or 3 tiered stands), and some only offer high tea. Most are without a menu, except for a tea menu, which we proudly boast as having more than 40 flavors and varieties to choose from, not to mention our
Blooming Teas!

So there you have it. Tea Parlor Tips and Tricks. We look forward to serving you and want to make your experience with us as enjoyable as possible.