Q & A

Q: How do I book a party?
A: Please call 502-907-0018. If you are unable to reach us directly, please leave us a message with the date you would like, the preferred time, approximate number of guests, and a call back number. We will call you back with availability.
Q: When is the best time to reach you?
A: We are available Monday-Friday from 3pm-6pm. If you are unable to call during those hours, please leave us a detailed message, or email us at: judy@theswordandthescone.com and someone will get back with you as quickly as possible.
Q: What if I need to cancel my reservation?
A: We require a 48 hour notice for all cancellations. There is a $50 cancellation fee for any missed or late cancellations. Reservations made within 48 hours of your seating will automatically be charged $50 in the event of a no show. No exceptions.
Q: Is a deposit required for reserving a party?
A: We do not take a deposit, however we do require a credit card number in order to confirm a reservation. There is a $50 charge for missed reservations or cancellations within 48 hours of the reservation.
Q: How soon should I book my party?
A: Large parties tend to book approximately 6-8 weeks ahead. We do occasionally have earlier openings, so please call for availability.
Q: How much does it cost?
A: We offer 2 tea service options for parties: High Tea is our most popular tea service and is $22.20 per person plus tax and 18% gratuity. This includes a 3 tiered stand and endless pots of tea. Afternoon Tea is another option at $18.20 per person. This includes a 2 tiered stand and endless pots of tea. We request that you give us your final head count and tea service selections 48 hours prior to your event.
Q: What tea service do you offer for children attending a party?
A: We offer the same as above or our Children’s Tea Plate for children 10 and under. The cost is $8.95 plus tax and 18% gratuity. This includes one sweet, scone, tea sandwich, and one savory and their endless pot of tea.
Q: What happens if I have guests that do not show up?
A: You are responsible for the number of tea services confirmed in your final headcount, which we require 48 hours prior to your date.
Q: What is your capacity for parties?
A: We have a small party room that seats 8-10 comfortably. Our larger party room seats 16-20 comfortably. The main dining area seats 66 comfortably. We are able to add more tables if necessary. Both party rooms have sliding barn doors that close for privacy, or can be left open for those who choose to book our entire parlor for parties of approximately 100 guests.

Q: I notice that you are closed on Sundays. Will you open on a Sunday for a private party?

A: Absolutely! Sundays are set aside for our special events as well as yours. Contact us about booking your private party on Sundays. We will be happy to accommodate you.

Q: Is 2 hours enough time?
A: Our experience is that 2 hours is ample time for you and your guests to enjoy tea service, open gifts and play games. If you would like to book more time, you may purchase additional hours at $50 per hour. Additional time must be committed to at the time of booking.
Q: Can we bring /open gifts?
A: Yes, we have a gift table available for parties.
Q: Are we allowed to play games?
A: Absolutely! We have found that games that are played at the table work best. Children’s games MUST be supervised by adults at all times!
Q: How much adult supervision is needed for children’s parties?
A: At least 2 adults for every 10 children. The adults must be in the same room as the children at all times. If children get out of control, there will be a clean up fee and parents/host will be responsible for all damages. Please do not run the risk of your party being cancelled at the last minute due to lack of adults present for supervision. We expect appropriate behavior at all times as we are a formal tea parlor. This includes walking as we routinely have elderly guests.
Q: May I bring a cake or cupcakes?
A: Yes. For an additional $10 fee, we will cut your cake and serve it on our plates for you.
Q: Can/should I bring in decorations?
A: The tea room is beautifully decorated, but you are welcome to bring in additional decorations. Balloons, flower arrangements and banners
are welcome. Confetti is strictly prohibited. If disregarded, there will be an additional cleanup fee. Depending on prior reservations, you may arrive 30 minutes early to decorate at no extra cost.
Q: What about parking?
A: There is ample parking available. We have one special spot directly in front of our door that is reserved for Bride To Be, Mom To Be, Birthday Honoree, etc.
Q: Is your tea parlor handicap accessible?
A: Yes. There are multiple handicap parking spots and ramps outside. Once inside the parlor, it is wheelchair/walker accessible throughout.
Q: I have booked my party, now what?
A: We will contact you the week of your event to finalize your headcount, set your menu (tea service selection and 1st pot of tea), and to go over any last minute details.
Q: Are we able to split the check?
A: We are happy to accommodate split checks, however we do ask that it be limited to 4 credit cards. On those occasions where each guests will be paying for their own tea service, we will gladly give you an exact per person total in advance, including tax and gratuity, so that arrangements can be made in advance.

Q: We would like to book a room or the entire parlor for a business party/meeting. Can you accommodate us?

A: Absolutely! If you have a small group, one of our party rooms may meet your needs. Or you can book the entire parlor for your event. We even have a projector and 65″ screen you may use!