A Kentucky Theme

We take pride in our state and in our city! We have tried to incorporate history, names of famous people, well known places, and events into the names of some of our teas. While not able to use all of the ideas we had, we did our best to match names with teas for an amusing touch. We hope you enjoy these fun facts!

*The Greatest.

There are a lot of great things about 502 and The Bluegrass state. The greatest 2 minutes in sports (The Kentucky Derby). The greatest college basketball teams. And the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali. So what would be a more fitting name for our signature tea?

Southern Hospitali-TEA.

Our slogan here at The Sword & The Scone Tea Parlor & Boutique is “Where manners are practiced with Southern Hospitali-TEA!” Louisville is known as the gateway to the south. In the south, we like our tea sweet. Our ladies are beautiful southern belles. We still say please and thank you. So a sweet caramel almond tea seemed fitting for such a name.

Cardinal Red

Named after our state bird, as well as our local college, University of Louisville.

Coal Miners Tea.

Kentucky is one of the largest producers of coal in the country. “It keeps the lights on.” Out of respect for those in the south-eastern part of the state, what better name for a coffee flavored tea?

Oh! Foster.

Named for Stephen Foster, who was famous for his “parlor” music. Known for writing songs we all know and love, such as My Old Kentucky Home, Camptown Races, and Oh! Susanna. And I guess you could tie that name in with Foster Brooks as well.

Muddy Ohio.

As we all know, the Ohio River can become muddy at times. So we had to choose a chocolate flavored tea to represent our waterfront.

Princess Tea.

Each year, from a field of scores of women from across the state, only 5 are chosen to be in The Royal Court, or as we call them, The Derby Princesses. These lovely women attend nearly 70 events wearing their tiaras, only to trade them in on Derby Day for a traditional wide brimmed southern belle hat or a fascinator.

Weirdly Plum.

There is a special part of town that promotes the theme: Keep Louisville Weird. The idea is to promote Louisville as a place distinguished from others. We proudly name this tea for the 502 crowd!

Heather's Vanilla.

Named for a native Kentuckian, Heather French Henry, who is a former Miss Louisville, Miss Kentucky, and Miss America title holder. She later married a former Kentucky Lieutenant Governor.

Clooney's Cloves.

Named for a family of entertainers from Kentucky. Probably the most well know are Betty, Rosemary, and of course, George.

Festival of Lights.

There are literally hundreds of festivals in Kentucky each year. It would take pages to list them all. But here is a VERY short list of some that come to mind: The St. James Ct. Art Show, Germantown Shotgun, Louisville International Film Festival, Thunder Over Louisville, Light Up Louisville, J-Town Gaslight Festival, and Gonzofest.

Big Blue Nation.

After paying homage to the local basketball team, there must be a tea named for their arch-rival, our state college University of Kentucky.

Lewis & Clark.

2 unique men who started their expedition to discover the west actually started right here in Louisville, even though St Louis lays claim to that title. But we know the truth! The journey started in 1804 and lasted just over 2 years.


With more than 100 species, the Goldenrod is the State Flower of Kentucky.

Fleur De Lis.

Actually means lily flower and was the symbol of King Loiuis XVI, whom Louisville was named for. The fleur De Lis is now the official seal of Louisville.

Jasmine J-Law.

The nickname of a Louisville native who recently won an Academy Award for Best Actress. Congrats to Jennifer Jawrence.

Crystal Cave.

Crystal Cave, now a part of Mammoth Cave National Park, the largest cave system in the world, includes Crystal Cave. Crystal Cave was discovered by Floyd Collins and was a family relative who gave his life making this discovery.

Abe Lincoln.

The 16th President of The United States was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky. Even though he was largely self educated, he became a lawyer too. Again, it would be easy to write a book on this legend, which many have done.

Captain Jack.

We happen to be fans of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. And Johnny Depp is from Owensboro, Kentucky.

Cumberland Falls.

One of only 2 places in the world where one can see a Moonbow! And since Triple Berry contains a rainbow variety of colored berries, what a more fitting name?

There were many more ideas we brainstormed over to use for names of our teas, and as our menu evolves, don’t be surprised when more of them show up!

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